I'm Megan Manzano. Just a designer with crazy hair.








MEGAN MANZANO Industrial Designer

I am currently a senior majoring in Industrial Design at the University of Washington, and after graduation, I want to pursue my passions for medical technology and exhibition design and installation. In the second year of high school, I became involved in theatre and theatrical set design and fell in love with it, which is why I decided to pursue industrial design and am interested in exhibition design. I am inspired by how an environment can engage and shape people’s experiences and help them learn more about the world around them. And as a huge advocator for the power of music, arts, and learning, I want to use the skills I have learned over the years to share my passions and improve the world.

I would love to work together!

Feel free to contact me!

Megan Manzano. Last Edited Jaunuary 2019